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It all started with us asking ourselves...how can we take some of the key lessons we’ve learned through our personal experiences with therapy and translate them into an everyday tool for folks wanting to improve their emotional wellbeing, in their own time and at their own pace?

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CommonRoom Digital Tool

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Self-care redefined by you

Not meant to replace therapy, but rather support your self-exploration journey, we invite you to join us in doing the (sometimes fun, sometimes hard) work to learn more about yourself.


Mental Health Expert Approved

Created with our mental health advisors, Dr. Byron Young, MD & Dr. Jeshana Johnson, PhD and based on credible sciences, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.


For use on mobile and desktop

We recommend mobile, so that it’s always in your back pocket whenever you need a mental health moment.


Two editions currently available

Explore the emotional wellbeing topics of Attachment Styles and Resilience (more to come soon!)


Interactive Programming

Video + audio content, journal prompts, mindfulness activities, and storytelling – Created by and for BIPOC.

Prioritize your emotional wellbeing as much as your skincare routine

Pairing your mental health check-in with your skincare routine, will make both a part of your daily mindful ritual.

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