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Support for your emotional wellbeing, but make it digital. We believe in science. That’s why all content is created alongside and validated by Mental Health Experts. Join us for journal prompts, guided meditations, and other fun stuff.

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Favorite features:


Attachment theory. Resilience. Intimacy. Just to name a few. Gentle prompts, tools and tips, and educational exercises all based on credible methodologies.

lived experiences library

Storytelling is a foundational part of connection and encourages healthy emotional processing. Engage with stories from our community. Remember you are not alone.

mental health RESOURCES and programming

Created by and for women, non-binary folks, and BIPOC. We believe sharing information should be peer-to-peer.

emotional temperature check

But how are you really feeling? Check in daily. Build an emotional vocabulary. Self-reflect. Because you’re more complex than just happy, mad, or sad.

selfmade Products

For best results: build into your already existing routine. Either directly before or after applying products, take a mindful moment of reflection and engage with the CommonRoom. Make caring for your emotional world as second nature as caring for your body.

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2 Reviews

Caroline Z. - Verified Buyer


Finally in tune with myself!

The CommonRoom is visually appealing and really helps me to get in tune with my emotions on a daily basis. The design is very easy to navigate and the questions are never overwhelming. I feel more calm during the day because I've checked in with myself. I love the neuro facts because I'm big into learning what is truly going on in my brain and body to make me look/feel certain ways. I can't wait to explore all the CommonRooms!

Emma L. - Verified Buyer


I love this app!

Selfmade is such an amazing company, their products are incredible and their app has really helped me find moments of peace and introspection during the week.

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