Social Impact

SELFMADE supports today’s whole person by creating community, sharing emotional health sciences, and shifting power in beauty and personal care culture.

There are still so many barriers to creating sustainable emotional wellness practices, including a lack of access to mental health resources. We are committed to democratizing mental health by making credible tools and resources more accessible so that we can all put our mental, physical and emotional needs first.

That’s why with the purchase of every product you get free access to our CommonRoom plus two codes to share with friends. And it doesn’t stop there. Every collaborator and community partner we engage with also receives full and free access to the CommonRoom.


Using recycled packaging is now just the bare minimum. We are looking at sustainability from top to bottom to ensure we are not only reducing waste, but are also being thoughtful and intentional in everything we do.


• Formulated and manufactured in USA

• Offices and manufacturing spaces are 50% solar powered

• Development, manufacturing, filling, and assembly are all under one roof to minimize transportation and decrease carbon footprint

• Manufacturer uses cold processing for less energy usage and minimal carbon emissions

Formula & Product

• Sourced from North America and Europe to minimize carbon footprint

• Uses the most sustainable materials (i.e. glass) and/or highest % of Post-Consumer Resin possible

Mailer Packaging

• Sourced from FSC certified facilities and are made from materials that are at least 52% recycled material

• Boxes are 100% recyclable. We intentionally print simple designs that require little ink to increase the ability to be accepted into the recycling process

• All paper is made from recycled materials

Vendor Diversity Statement

Our brand strives to mirror the community we were born from – New York City. That means we aim to work with BIPOC vendors and contractors to ensure a diversity of backgrounds and lived experiences are reflected in all areas of our brand and all steps in our production process. We strive to maintain 66% of our partnerships with people of diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds.

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