Meet True Grit

scalpcare is skincare

Developed specifically for your scalp and more sensitive spots, our powerful + restorative scrub supports a healthy growth mindset from your head to your heart.

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We create products with the whole you in mind and believe that caring for your emotional wellbeing should be as much of a ritual as your daily skin care routine. That’s why each product is paired with a digital tool to help make inside out self-care (& community care!) the best habit you never need to break.

True Grit and Secure Attachment

Clinically tested products with good-for-you ingredients that bolster your mental well-being and aren’t hormone-disrupting.

Part 02.

Digital Tool

Digital Tool

Mental health expert approved digital tool to help deepen your understanding of your inner emotional world - all at your own pace.

Part 03.


True Grit and Secure Attachment

Curated stories from our community that explore emotional wellbeing + lived experiences through art, storytelling, film, and music.


Our Mission

We aim to create a world where we all believe we are worthy as we already are by democratizing access to mental health tools and resources because your mental and emotional wellbeing affects your skin and body function.

The first step to gaining the skills for self-reflection is building emotional vocabulary, which is why all our products are inspired by, based on, and named after psychological concepts.

Emotional Wellbeing for the Whole You

Your mental and emotional wellbeing affects your skin, which in turn affects both your sense of worthiness and perception of your own beauty.

Through our ecosystem of digital and physical products, we infuse your SELFMADE experience with credible therapeutic practices, proven stress relieving ingredients, and pay homage to generations of community care all meant to support you inside + out.

Developed with Mental Health Experts
Developed With Mental Health Experts
Developed with Mental Health Experts
Honors Lived Experiences
Developed with Mental Health Experts
Community Focused Care
"The secure attachment serum keeps my skin feeling moisturized and dewy all day long and the beautiful bottle on my bathroom counter sparks my inner goddess to life each morning. It’s so refreshing to purchase a beauty product from a business that cares so deeply about humanity."


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