Growing up, I spent a hell of a lot of time listening to the world tell me what was beautiful, and then desperately changing myself to fit in whatever box was trending at the moment. This doesn’t work so well as a first generation Chinese + Vietnamese tomboy striving to fit a mold that was never made for people like me. It definitely doesn’t work well when the actual reason you don’t feel worthy has nothing to do with the way that you look on the outside.

SELFMADE started as a quiet voice softly reminding “little me” that we are worthy as we already are, no matter what anyone says.

It blossomed as I spoke to friends + family about building self-worth stories and reclaiming a narrative that has never really been our own. It grew into a team of people who believe in celebrating the beauty of the human condition in all its messy and real rawness. We are stoked to welcome you into our community that stands at the intersection of the politics of beauty + mental health.

Each product experience is built for intentional self-exploration beyond just self-expression, because when you truly learn about your authentic self and show up without fear of judgement — that’s radical self-love.

XO,Stephanie Lee, Founder + CEO


Meet the Experts

Every facet of SELFMADE has been built with a team of expert advisors in the fields of mental health and beauty. Thanks to them, every personal care product and emotional wellness tool is infused with credible sciences, acknowledges our complexities, and centers on our emotional needs.

Dr. Byron Young
Dr. Jeshana, PHD
Robyn Watkins
Dr. Robert Bianchini

Junior Advisory Board

Class of '21-'22

We are committed to building this brand with Gen Z BIPOC, not just for them. Thats why this badass, complex, and vulnerable group shape everything we do. From our personal care products, to our CommonRoom, and everything in between.

Addie is entering her freshman year at UNC Chapel Hill this Fall and is passionate about the environment, LGBTQIA+ issues, and mental health awareness.
Alexa is currently working in marketing and PR for movie studio clients. She resides in Miami and her passions include mental health, suicide prevention, and the environment.
Anaya is a Pre-Junior at Drexel University, studying marketing & PR and is interested in mythology, skincare, and minority representation in fashion.
Andrea works as a digital marketer in FinTech. As an immigrant from Ecuador, now based in NY, she has a passion for inclusion and equal opportunity.
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