Selfmade website with Secure Attachement
Selfmade website with Secure Attachement
Secure Attachment comfort serum
Secure Attachment

For True Bonding + Healthy Boundaries

Your multi-use hydrating skincare, soothing self-care, and priming supercharger. Use with the CommonRoom for best results inside and out.

  • 100% said the product did not irritate their skin
  • 97% said the product made their skin feel hydrated all day
  • 97% said the product helped to smooth out their skin’s texture
  • 94% said the product helped their makeup last longer
  • 88% said this product was unlike any other formula they’ve used

*In a third party clinical study, after 4 weeks of product use, of 32 people ages 18 to 69

What does loving myself look like in action?

Having a secure attachment style means you have a confidence and healthy self-awareness that allows us to care for our own needs and approach other relationships with a sense of safety and comfort to nurture and be nurtured by others.

It’s the foundation to all of the relationships in our lives, including the one we have with ourselves. It’s so important that we created our first product, the Comfort Serum+ based on it.

Key Benefits

  • Glowing Hydration

    The unique watery texture breaks onto skin and allows Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera to penetrate your skin and securely attach to cells to retain mega hydration.

  • Skin De-stressing

    Our active ingredient is derived from the Helichrysum italicum (a flower iconic to the Mediterranean that’s also known as the Italian strawflower and the “perpetual plant”). This technology was clinically* tested to reduce skin stress by reducing cortisol, improving barrier function, calming and soothing skin redness.

  • Baby your barrier protection

    The Comfort Serum+ transforms into a silky smooth gel texture that reinforces a healthy and hydrated moisture barrier between skin + the outside world — it’s basically a hug for your face.

  • Prep, Prime + Grip

    Slight tack smooths skin into a perfectly primed canvas for a lit-from-within look — use alone or to securely attach your fav makeup for enhanced wear.

  • *Clinical Study evaluation of the effect of 1% Cortinhib G in the gene expression of Hyaluronidase-1 or Catenin in human dermal fibroblasts by the method of DNA array.

    Key Ingredients


    From the iconic Mediterranean plant also known as the Italian strawflower and the “perpetual plant”. This active calms skin stress by inducing the production of beta-endorphins (pain-relieving hormone) and reducing the build-up of cortisol (stress hormone).*


    Supports hydration and promotes supple skin texture. Helps to trap hydration into the skin.


    Sustainable and nourishing replacement for priming silicone. Increases cell turnover, improves skin’s elasticity and enhances skin barrier integrity.


    Our complex made of five mineral and vitamin-rich sea algaes that enhances moisture barrier function and natural balance.


    Refreshing hydration and light natural scent.

  • Look Who's Talking

    Based on 22 Reviews

    Jenna S.

    Verified Buyer07/16/2021

    Love my "mindful moment"!

    This serum applies so smoothly. My skin errs on the dry side, and I haven't known where to start with serum before. Love how Secure Attachment makes me feel -- on the inside and out! The instructions remind me to have a mindful moment, and now I always do!

    Doris B.

    Verified Buyer04/06/2021


    This serum is amazing and true to its name--it feels like a soothing hug for your skin. I love the smell and the feel/texture--it sinks right in and my oily/combo skin drinks it right up. It makes my skin feel great but also feels clean and natural, like you're treating your skin right. Packaging is great too!

    Gracie C.

    Verified Buyer03/26/2021


    I’m obsessed with this serum! I recently developed rosacea and have very sensitive skin but this product does not irritate it at all. It is extremely hydrating and soothing to my red and easily reactive skin. I’m excited to see what other products come out in the future!


    Verified Buyer03/22/2021

    Quality product for sensitive skin

    Great product for my sensitive skin; where most products make me turn red this is calming and nourishing. Highly recommend.


    Verified Buyer02/15/2021

    Love it!

    This has become a part of my night time routine. The serum is so soothing to my dry skin, especially during these cold winter months. It's calming, light and not greasy.

    Candy S.

    Verified Buyer01/31/2021

    Comfort Serum

    I recently tried the comfort serum and it is fabulous,,,,it is lovely on you skin, your skin feels soft, cool and this product makes your skin very supple. I highly recommend it and am anxious to try other products in this line.

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