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Self Disclosure

Intimacy Serum

Self Disclosure Intimacy Serum

Self Disclosure

2.4 FL OZ.

Comfort. Explore. De-stress.

6 reviews

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Slip into a comfy space with yourself

Meet your no shame permission slip for personal pleasure. A few drops of this satiny serum provide a playful slip to tickle the senses. This nourishing oil warms with every touch for a natural glide. Gynecologist tested, safe to use for all erogenous zones (don’t forget breasts, lips, neck, or thighs!) and ready for play at your own pace. Hit Do Not Disturb and celebrate pleasurable moments with your most intimate partner — yourself. Made without synthetic fragrances. Infused with hints of botanical grapefruit, tangerine, and rosewater.

Secure Attachment Comfort Serum+
Secure Attachment Comfort Serum+
Secure Attachment Comfort Serum+
Secure Attachment Comfort Serum+
Secure Attachment Comfort Serum+
Secure Attachment Comfort Serum+

Favorite features:

Copaiba Balsam

Copaiba Balsam

This anti-inflammatory oil is steam-distilled from the resin of the Copaiba tree. Known to comfort your body’s nervous system to ease symptoms of anxiety and depression. Instant mood boost!



A.k.a. mountain daisy, this healing superstar has been used for centuries to reduce pain, swelling, and bruising. Plus, it promotes healthy blood circulation. So don’t be surprised if you notice feelings of arousal. Wink wink.



Packed with the essentials: vitamin E, omega-6, and omega-3 fatty acids. Like a lubricant, this oil creates a barrier to lock in moisture and protect your outer skin layer. Bonus: eases PMS symptoms and helps regulate menstrual cycle.



This superfruit has adaptogenic properties. Read: it helps your body resist the effects of stress, regulates energy, and balances hormones. What better way to set the mood?



For easy application, right where you need it. Mess-free means more time to explore pleasure.

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How To Use

A companion for your most intimate moments.

Let's get clinical.

95.5% organic and natural ingredients

Free of ingredients known to cause irritation and infection

We had 21 people participate in a perception study. Here's what they had to say after one month:

100% said it did not irritate their skin

90% said it glided on their skin for a frictionless experience

90% said it helped alleviate pre/post sex discomfort*

86% said it made their skin feel soft to the touch

71% said that it helped them experience pleasure*

62% said that it helped them feel comfy with self exploration*

*Percentage reflects a subSET of participants interested in that specific use

Reckon with your most private parts

Getting intimate with yourself (from processing feels to physical touch) creates a comfy space for exploration. When you don’t feel safe, it’s harder for you to relax, ease into vulnerability, and feel aroused — this can make sexual activity uncomfy and even painful. Our serum is created with ingredients that help to soothe the nervous system, reduce stress, and act as an aphrodisiac. All in the name of practicing pleasure. Remember: it is essential to nurture your needs and desires before adding anybody else into the mix. Skipping this step is a vulnerability hangover waiting to happen.

For best results: Contemplate each sensation and emotion that accompanies self-touch.

Dig deeper: Use the 21-day Self Disclosure chapter on our CommonRoom wellbeing app.

Glide into Emotional Intimacy

Let us know how you feel — we're listening.


6 Reviews

Melanie R. - Verified Buyer



this serum is a godsend. It is the most luxurious feeling I have ever felt. It's soft, velvety, and silky smooth. You can definitely tell the quality is amazing just from the first touch. I have used it to amp up my sex life, body pains, PMS - trust me, you NEED this little bottle of magic.

Bria C.



I really enjoyed using this product! It was super smooth on my skin and not gunky or thick. I love how it's multi purposeful and made my skin feel amazing!

Simma R. - Verified Buyer


A totally pleasurable experience

The serum's texture changed throughout my use of the product, both with the increase in temperature when coming in contact with my body, as well as when it mixed with my bodily fluids. It has the lightest of scents and kept me going, marvelous!!

Niharika C.


versatile serum

Such a versatile serum, also the packaging is EVERYTHING! 😍

Gabi P.


Redefining pleasure and being in your body :)

This product is amazing! It's the right consistency, the smell is great for a pleasure product, it's comforting, and feels like a great hug. Self-Disclosure allows me to connect and explore my body in new ways. The ingredients are great for all skin types as well. Easily one of my favorites! :)

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